6,584 immigrants return Afghanistan in 24 hours

6,584 immigrants return Afghanistan in 24 hours

ISLAMABAD: Undocumented Afghan nationals returning to Afghanistan as 6,584 returned to home in last 24 hours, authorities said.
6,584 immigrants return Afghanistan in 24 hours



6 Nov 2023

Thousands of immigrants, continuously leaving Pakistan from Chaman and Torkham border crossings with Afghanistan.

The authorities have established temporary transit camps for illegal immigrants in various districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan provinces.


Hordes of Afghan immigrants crossed into Afghanistan on Sunday, while thousands present at Torkham border, waiting for their turn for entry in Afghanistan.


Pakistan’s authorities after passing of the deadline of illegal immigrants stay in the country are facilitating safe exit of the foreign nationals.


On Saturday 7,135 Afghan citizens returned to Afghanistan from Torkham border crossing, Commissionerate for Afghan Refugees (CAR), earlier said in a statement.


Mostly Afghan nationals staying in Pakistan as undocumented immigrants. Repatriation of the illegal Afghans through the Chaman and Torkham borders has been underway.


Earlier, Caretaker Minister for Interior Sarfraz Bugti directed the authorities concerned to formulate a comprehensive strategy for the repatriation of foreigners residing illegally in Pakistan.


During a meeting, the caretaker interior minister vowed to tackle the illegal immigration issue and provide foolproof security to foreigners.



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